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Quantock Interiors Blog Why the power of high street shopping will never fade With the digital world now playing a key role in the retail industry, it has been questioned whether online shopping will overtake the high street. Expert opinions are divided, but one thing has become apparent: a physical store will always be an essential part of a brand’s identity. For this reason, we’re not expecting to see high street shopping disappear. Read on and find out three more reasons why the power of high street shopping will never fade. The high street adds a personal touch Online shopping loses the intimacy that social media, website content and press coverage gives a brand, making it difficult for customers to engage. Customer service is essential in creating this engaging, personal touch and applying it to your products. Welcoming customers and giving them a relatable, human experience can help with tricky questions and decision-making and is something that online shopping simply can’t reproduce. Having someone to help a customer choose between two colours or advise on the perfect present for a friend is invaluable and unique to the high street. At the end of the day, customers value this, and it will always be a necessity. Customers will find the right product When you know what you’re looking for, online shopping is a brilliant tool. However, for tricky items, such as jeans and coats, or for home furnishings that need to match a colour scheme, customers prefer to see and try them in person. High street shopping enables people to see, feel and test the quality of your product, which is something that pictures just can't replicate. In addition, it will encourage customers to buy items that they wouldn't have online, due to doubts about how they may look or fit. A high street shop creates the right atmosphere A physical store adds a luxury, intimate touch to the shopping experience, putting customers at ease and helping them to make key buying decisions. Factors like music, decor and customer service all add to an intimate and inclusive retail experience that will engage with your customers, encouraging them to buy your product, spend more time in your shop and become loyal to your brand. A great shop refit can update the entire feel of a brand and increase the perception of a product value. Even better? The right shop fitting can also direct customers to different store areas and encourage them to view and buy items they would never have seen online. At Quantock Interiors, we're experts helping you design a shop or business space that best meets your needs. If you'd like to find out more about refitting your shop or have any questions, get in touch with us today. Back to Blog
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